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some of us don’t have enough space
and the wieght of the world is resting on your shoulders
making your body tense
breaking you down slowly
making each step harder than the next.
or making it nearly impossible to get to the destination that awaits you.
some of us don’t have enough space
to see the beauty
to hear, feel, and enjoy the present stillness.
To love unconditionally, and to appreciate what we have.
There’s so many things contributing to the lack of space.
So many relationship ruined, and perspectives left behind,
due to a lack of space.
But if we can hone in
For maybe even just a moment…
to rid of the clutter and allow more space
We can then become comfortable, more concise, creative, and self-confident.

life is all about finding your personal space

47 Degrees in WA

A sword that is to my throat with pressure locking my words in knots.
I’m terrified of you when you speak directly to me.

Distracted by your beauty -
I can’t comprehend a thing. Then those eyebrows rise like the feathers on a falcons wing.

And I’m the prey.

Slicing me with your weapon, penetrating through all shields with a blade tracing poison, pinpointing exactly where I feel.

Like a lid over an impossible volcano finally being kept shut. While the magma for you slowly boils in the depths of my gut.

Should I love you?
I ask a white flag of defeat.

If not while awake, then fast asleep.

Anonymous: sometimes, I think, and I feel as if you were the only one who understood. but you made it all so hard. Perhaps the timing wasn't right. But you were beautiful, and I've no doubt you still are.

“Chasin’ love, all the bittersweet hours lost
Eatin’ Asian pussy, all I need was sweet and sour sauce
Tell your boss you need an extra hour off
Get you super wet after we turn the shower off"