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My happiness has never meant too much.
Until the tide washed in my luck.
And now I’m kissed by the sense of your touch…
How can this all be…

Your pearly eyes, remind me of the sunrise.
And when I see you smile, I feel a warmth inside.
Not used to being pleased, my heart is twice it’s size…
How can this all be…

And waking up has never been so tough.
I thought I fell in love, but there was no such…
On an empty beach I sit and dream, but stuck…
How can this all be…

As long as I’m living, I’m going to have everything that I want. Or else why live?

Waking up to sadness without giving the day a chance.

I’m just as done as the last autumn leaf.
Depression comforting me, wrapped around my body like white sheets.
Asleep to the heavens and the world underneath.

Stiff as a stump, a rock that won’t budge,
Glued to an absent remorse of love.

flyy-aways: your taste in music tho >>>

Glad you appreciate it.

Anonymous: I love you. If nothing pans out by 40, let's get married and be swingers. ;)

Say the word.