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Melody Gardot or HS87?

Catch 22

I made it to the end zone. Finally found me. Touchdown and superb bowl. Love was right across the street.
Full steam, go ahead, like a locomotive train, no brakes in my brain- I said…
I do.
This is true.
And then I met you by surprise.
Such a distressed silhouette.
You opened up my eyes…
In ways I won’t forget.
And all this is just so complicated and crazy of me.
But this house is not a home, daydreams I could fly free.
Afraid to be alone,
Tattoos, upon my bones,
Long to spread my wings,
Whatever I do is wrong…
Sketching a place for peace,
Stuck between two sheets,
No matter what I do, it’s a catch 22 being in love with you.

When life was simple as your cheek full of dimples, and a kiss to your temple.

I wish I could be more patient so that I could comfortably let the words I feel that are submerged deep into my gut, float up to the tips of my tongue.

Robin Williams

Life is written like a riddle,
Feeling like I’m just a puzzle piece, forced into the middle.
Scared to go outside,
Because my hoodie, Arizona and some skittles.
Niggas of my own kind with a pistol.
Out of luck and,
not sure who trust-in.
Protect and serve? Pro / techs like white on blacks out in Ferguson.
A vicious cycle,
They shoot him, we bond like it’s you,
march because the neighbor says it’s the thing we should do.
Where’s the truth?
Prolly acute with Iraqi troops.
The gaza truce, Malaysian planes, or the Russian youth.
Pollute our neighborhoods, watch us loot.
in the middle of the globe, selfie pole hash tagging cute.

It’s all fucked.


Because in the cold, you can’t fall asleep. You’re left to shake and shiver, starving for warmth. As frost chips away at your breath and fingers start to blacken, your thoughts are the only bit of color that keeps your mind from going pale. Frosted, frozen, forever forgotten.